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Fake Rubber Mouse

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Fake Rubber Mouse


Despite the fact that they are smaller than us, dumber than us, and live for only about a year, humans have always been afraid of mice. As bearers of the historic bubonic plague and tiny beady eyes that send shivers of fear in the largest and strongest of men, it's no wonder these little guys are continually beaten down with traps, poisons, and brooms. Here is your chance to capture all that delightful fear without the nasty repercussions of actually having one of these fast-breeding vermin in your home. This rubber mouse gag is small enough to slide into the corners of a room or on top of a delicious, home-cooked meal, yet it still carries a powerful punch of realism. Made of harmless black rubber, this tiny little mouse prank is a great way to watch fully competent adults scream, jump on chairs, and act like idiots. What more could you ask from a prank?

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